Police Department

The Ross Police Department provides 24-hour law enforcement services to the Town of Ross. The importance of community involvement and interaction is stressed at every level of the Department, with some members who have both lived and worked in town for well over 15 years.

While protection of life and property are the primary mission of the Police Department, members work hard to ensure the quality of life that Ross residents have come to enjoy is preserved as well.

The philosophy of Community Oriented Policing is the hallmark of the Ross Police Department and its staff works hard to ensure they remain responsive to the needs of Ross residents, neighborhoods, and community groups.

Chief Masterson Photo

Erik Masterson was born and raised in Marin County and served in the Army stationed in Europe, prior to starting his career in law enforcement. He worked for the San Rafael Police Department and the San Anselmo Police Department for over 30 years. He has a broad range of experience in police work and many contacts throughout the Marin County law enforcement community. He looks forward to becoming part of the Town of Ross community.